Pioneering Spirit, TLS project

CMJ-engineering participated in one of the most ambitious projects in off shore:

The "Topsides Lifting System" of the "Pioneering Spirit", known as the the biggest vessel ever build.

This prestigious project was completed in August 2016. It successfully removed the YME mobile offshore production unit in the North sea on the 22th of August. CMJ-engineering was one of the participants in terms of E&I engineering, controls engineering and drawing management of this project.

A comprehensive knowledge of systems such as Siemens PLC's and fiber optic network structure was required to implement the functionalities of the "Topsides Lifting System".

The "Pioneering Spirit" is the largest vessel ever build. The following link gives an impression on the decommissioning of the Pioneering Spirit: 

 IME platform being decommissioned

The vessel handling the first lift of the "YME" platform on 22 August 2016.


Janssen Biologics, "Managed Services"

As a member of the managed services team, CMJ-engineering provided analysis of the PLC software of the production processes, as well as the supporting utilities, like WFI and WDI generation and distribution.

During this process, long term solutions were recommended in order to solve recurrent failures during producing or in the utilities area.


Software engineering at CoNet Maintenance Zaandam

Enhancing software for Tata Steel DVL and the R&D department, in order to improve the visibility of the process. This means building the right screens in WinCC and using the right signals, so operators are able to trace directly which component is interrupting the process.

Working with people from CoNet means working with absolute professionals. Driven, work towards results and pleasant to work with.